United Kingdom

You can go to ConsumersConnect for setting up and running lead-gen campaigns. What does that mean?

Together with the advertiser, we look at the desired target group and leads that we want to generate. We can then create a campaign in the look and feel of the advertiser to generate as many qualitative leads as possible. We create landing pages, banners, in some cases even video content, then buy online (for example via Facebook, e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing) in marketing and start generating leads. Potential customers can request information and/or purchase a product via this landing page. Together with the customer, we monitor quality, we monitor the conversion, et cetera. This makes the leads of very high quality.

In addition to supplying leads, we also take on part of the sales for some advertisers. For this, we work with our call center and we can, for example, convert our leads to a showroom visit, a monthly deposit for a good cause, telephone purchase of a product or service, etc.

Anything is possible in the field of lead-generation, please contact us for more information.